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Petition to Save Trees!
With Metro 3, MMRCL threatens to cut over 5,000 trees in Mumbai. Citizens keen to minimize tree loss ask MMRCL to secure all environmental clearances before start of work. 27 stations are planned and most will be under roads of varying width, while some under gardens. We request MMRCL to change station design to a narrower footprint to leave trees along road edges intact and use NATM technology for stations under gardens.
MMRCL should move the planned car shed out of Aarey's densely tree covered land to an open field in Kanjurmarg. It should also proactively plan additional tree beds along the route to leave Mumbai greener than before.Read more.

Twitter: #Save5000Trees. Facebook: Save5000Trees
Savita Sankar (thane) 20-Apr-2019
Save Trees to save your life for oxygen and water. Do not endanger your life and life on planet for some selfish interests.
Green Madcaps (Mumbai) 15-Oct-2017
Cutting of trees is not progress, but we are taking our development backward. The Metro cannot keep alive a biodiversity like the forest itself, nor can it sustain the tribals or give wild animals a safe haven to live in. Humans aren't the only citizens of Mumbai. No metro is capable of giving oxygen or absorbing CO2 or cooling the city like Aarey can. Stop fooling yourselves and us...THE FOREST MUST STAY!!!
Sailee Sakhalkar (Goregaon) 27-May-2017
Although development is the way forward for the city, it shouldn't come at a cost to the existing green cover. Sustainable development is the keyword here. If alternative sustainable options are available, they must be used instead of destroying the already fragile urban ecosystem.
Kaustubh Masurkar (Malad West, Mumbai) 30-Apr-2017
Aarey colony is eco-sensative zone as it habituated by migrating birds, butterflies and is also having certain species of trees that are only found in this region. Apart from this, this one of the scenic spots in Mumbai and is part of Sanjay Gandhi National park. So, Aarey colony is not suitable place for proposed metro car shed. Instead steos should be taken to preserve this lungs of Mumbai.
Shrikant (Goregaon) 28-Apr-2017
We who want to protect trees are NOT AGAINST DEVELOPMENT. We want wholesome development which is not being understood by the officials who have a very narrow commercial thinking. We want the trees to stay their ground and the trains to run through the trees. it is not rocket science that this has been done in other nations and it can be done in India
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 04-Apr-2017
Citizens' police complaint at the Aarey Police Station, that the MMRCL disregard the law while carrying out work.
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 04-Apr-2017
35-40 citizens meet at Aarey to file a police complaint against MMRCL for initiating work in a no development zone, unit 19.
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 03-Apr-2017
MMRCL asks the high court to defer hearing by another two weeks. This is the second time it is doing so. By its own estimate, it is losing Rs 4 crores a day!
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 11-Mar-2017
Janak Dwarkadas, senior advocate, says that the Tree Authority should be disbanded for completely abdicating its statutory responsibilities.

The Mumbai high court extends the stay on felling trees, asking MMRCL to show environmental clearances first.
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 11-Mar-2017
In April 2015, the Delhi high court was dismayed that the metro and other infrastructure projects have eliminated over 100,000 trees from the city. The tree loss had contributed to air pollution, it said. Read more.
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 01-Mar-2017
MMRCL nixes CM's directive of shifting metro car shed to Kalina. No specific reasons stated by MMRCL.
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 23-Feb-2017
The Sanjay Gandhi National Park's 103 sqkm of land includes Aarey
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 23-Feb-2017
NGO produces evidence before Tribunal to show Aarey land is part of the National Park
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 23-Feb-2017
CM orders looking at Kanjurmarg and Kalina as options
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 23-Feb-2017
Aarey Conservation Group meets CM to ask for saving trees.
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 23-Feb-2017
MMRCL tells citizen group trees cannot be saved. It does not setup a joint group.
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 23-Feb-2017
Citizens' group of petitioners meets Chief Minister. Chief Minister calls for setting up a joint team of MMRCL and prominent citizens to save trees
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 23-Feb-2017
Bombay High Court dubs the felling of trees a tsunami. Stay on felling trees to continue.
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 23-Feb-2017
Bombay High Court orders stay on cutting 5,000 trees and suggests setting up of a neutral committee to save them.
Dayanand Gupta (Mumbai) 07-Feb-2017
Mumbai air pollution is 13 times the safe limit!
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 07-Feb-2017
Residents protest tree felling at Churchgate. This traffic circle and all its trees are slated to go.
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 07-Feb-2017
A government expert panel needs to be set up to examine alternative routes to Cuffe Parade to prevent any further loss of trees. Immediately.
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 07-Feb-2017
Numerous hacked at Cuffe Parade!
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 07-Feb-2017
Does Metro 3 have the required coastal regulation zone permissions. Shouldn't it halt tree cutting before that is settled?
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 02-Feb-2017
Afternoon Daily editor nails it. 'But hey, what about going back to the white board, having a joint meeting?' Alter the plans a little and save the trees
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 02-Feb-2017
The Government itself had initially planned the metro car shed in the shallow sea area west of Cuffe Parade. The image is of its 1991 Development Plan.

Why cant the station come up here? That would have saved hundreds of trees at the Colaba Woods Sports Complex.
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 02-Feb-2017
Tree cutting commences in Cuffe Parade. Beautiful trees that have stood over 40 years are put down in minutes.
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 01-Feb-2017
Activist fined by High Court for trying to ask Goverment to provide information speedily under RTI Act about denotification of Aarey from no-development to commercial and Metro car shed land.
Ruchir.Bansal (Mumbai) 30-Jan-2017
Aarey's green no-development zone reduced by more than a third of its 1949 size of 3,262 acres by successive governments.

Selling forest or eco-sensitive land at a bonanza could be how the Government is trying to raise funds for the Metro 3 project. Activists ask it to sell urban areas instead and save greenery.
Ruchir.Bansal (Mumbai) 30-Jan-2017
Citizens on a signature campaign to save 5,000 trees from the Metro at Churchgate.
Ruchir.Bansal (Mumbai) 30-Jan-2017
MMRCL reduced the NATM stations from 11 to 7. NATM will cost 1.5 times what cut and cover will, per MMRCL.

WHO guidelines say a minimum 9 square meters of open space per person is recommended. Mumbai has less than 0.5 per person.
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 30-Jan-2017
The Aarey Conservation Group has posted a slideshow of the relative pros and cons of alternative Metro 3 depot sites.

Link: http://www.slideshare.net/samiirhalady/analysis-of-mumbai-metro-iii-yard-venue-options-aarey-conservation-group-55403380
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 28-Jan-2017
4,500 people write to the Town Planning Department to object to the de-notification of Aarey from a green no-development to commercial zone. The Afternoon Daily article shows the vacant Kanjurmarg land without trees which is being suggested as an alternative. A map acquired under RTI states the Kanjurmarg land is not under litigation.
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 27-Jan-2017
Thousands of objections to denotification of Aarey to commercial zone come in to Town Planning Office
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 27-Jan-2017
Over 1,200 people have signed the online petition to save 5,000 trees in less than a week.

Sign the online petition on Change.Org
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 27-Jan-2017
Notice seeking objections to change in development plan land use of a part of Aarey from no-development zone to metro car shed and commerial zone
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 27-Jan-2017
MMRCL meeting with Cuffe Parade residents in January 2015
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 27-Jan-2017
Cuffe Parade files writ for seeking stay till MMRCL gets due legal approvals
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 27-Jan-2017
Mumbai marathon day banners for saving trees
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 27-Jan-2017
Mumbai marathon day banners for saving trees
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 27-Jan-2017
Reasons for depot shift from Kanjurmarg, an area with negligible tree cover, are not clear
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 27-Jan-2017
RTI query shows MMRCL's technical committee report on Aarey depot comprises two environmental experts both of who dissent from its conclusions on the location of depot in Aarey or Kanjurmarg
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 27-Jan-2017
MMRCL calls for bids at disputed car shed
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 27-Jan-2017
City's air pollution concern is a concern. Cutting trees will worsen matters.
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 27-Jan-2017
MMRCL plans a 'cut and cover'
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 27-Jan-2017
5,012 trees to be cut for Metro 3 – RTI
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 27-Jan-2017
Thousands of trees approved for felling
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 27-Jan-2017
MMRCL EIA September 2012 states that construction of the underground running section shall be done by tunnel boring machine(TBM) and station will be constructed either by Cut and Cover or NATM method. The proposed project would be completed in 60 months and the compeltion cost of the project is Rs.2,43,400.00 millions.
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 10-Mar-2015
The Maharashtra Chief Minister has formed a committee to examine if Aarey should locate the Metro yard or not given that over 3000 trees will be affected. Clearly the alignment is still not final and our suggestions for saving trees on the southern end should be factored in.
Ruchir.Bansal (Mumbai) 10-Mar-2015
MMRDA and MMRC calls for a discussion with residents. They disclose that whereas their Environmental Impact Assessment report claimed only 6 trees will cut at Churchgate the actual number for which they have sought the Tree Authority permission to cut is 70. Without an accurate assessment of impact how are residents expected to discuss project acceptability or alternatives?
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 04-Mar-2015
A number of residents have written to MMRC to express support for a six lane coastal road with two metro lanes in place of proposed underground Metro 3 as it will save nearly a thousand trees in South Mumbai.
Ruchir Bansal (Mumbai) 19-Feb-2015
List of stations affected at the south end of the Metro 3 line in the press.

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